Get Your Own Hair Back!

For The First Time Ever!  –  Now You Can Actually

Get Your Own Hair Back!
With the Most Exciting New Product of All Time!
ALL Non Toxic Ingredients! No Prescription and No Side Effects!

Vitalizer From SISEL International

The World’s First Supra-Nutritional Company!
Pronounced like SIZZLE – SISEL is an acronym for:
Science Innovation Success Energy Longevity!
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  Amazing Results in just the First 8 Days!

Before Bill Started Using Revitalizer for his Hair Loss

Before Bill Started  Vitalizer for his Hair Loss

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Hair Growth After using Revitalizer for only 8 days

Hair Growth After using Vitalizer for only 8 days

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Vitalizer Counteracts Male Pattern Baldness and Alopecia in Women. 
– Promotes Thick, Strong & Healthy Hair in the Natural Color!

An Amazing New Product that Does it All!

Vitalizer Promotes Long, Thick Beautiful Eyelashes & Eyebrows
– And it Supports Strong Healthy Beautiful Nails!
** Note: SISEL Recently changed the name from Revitalizer to Vitalizer (Same Great Formula)
Buy Revitalizer Now to Regrow Your Hair

Buy Vitalizer Now to Regrow Your Hair (click image)

From Bill: (The man in the pictures)
Quality Statement

These are my pictures and I took them myself using the same camera.  None of these pictures were photo-shopped or electronically altered in any way, other than sized to fit on this web site and on the associated Mobile sites.  There is no hair gel or dye in my hair as I do not use either on my hair. All the pictures of me are with my hair dry and brushed to look as best as it can at the time each picture was taken. I have been using the minoxidil- based products in both the top-selling brand – as well as the generic minoxidil brands and I got only barely noticeable results that diminished with age.  These pictures were taken as I approach my 62nd Birthday – and needless to say I am Absolutely Thrilled with the Great Results that I’m getting with Vitalizer! Be sure to Click on the Photo Gallery Tab at the top of this page – to see additional photos of me.

Your results may vary – and this product will not work in 100% of the applications.  Therefore the Company cannot and does not guarantee results.  Full results are not expected until about 90 days. However I will tell you that whereas the minoxidil-based products that I used for many years irritated my scalp – Vitalizer feels very soothing on my scalp!  I apply it once every evening about an hour before bed, and I bathe and shampoo my hair in the mornings.  I also use many of the other Great SISEL Products including their excellent toxin-free shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and body wash.  I also take the SISEL Triangle of Life products – The Best Whole-Body Total-Wellness support products I’ve ever found – along with SISEl’s Telomer-Health Product: TS-X.  I strongly encourage everyone to See All that SISEL International has to offer – throughout their entire line of over 180 of the World’s Finest Quality Cutting-Edge Wellness Products!

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Jim Sullivan – SISEL Brand Partner

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